Producers of Wild Thing launch Season 2 of Popular TV series online

WildThingTV have launched a new PPV Channel that streams brand new content online and are showcasing a new episode of their TV series before it has been broadcast on terrestrial, cable or satellite.

Despite licensing season one of their popular TV series Wild Thing to broadcasters in over 60 countries – including a first showing on Discovery’s Animal Planet – season two is being premiered on the internet.

Viewers can access the content immediately on any computer and no registration or subscription is required.

All 13 episodes of the original series, featuring the world’s most versatile animal wrangler Trevor Smith are also being made available on WidlThingTV. And series one can be viewed at just 99 cents per show.

Publisher VSI Enterprise have teamed up with New York-based DynamoPlayer to offer the WildThingTV streaming option.

Edinburgh-based Distrify are also supporting the launch of WildThingTV with an alternative player that enables content to be viewed on Apple devices iPhone and iPad.

Encouraging viewers to promote the WildThingTV content virally, the Distrify option has a built-in affiliate programme that rewards fans with a revenue share for any sales they generate by embedding the player in their own blog, Facebook page or website.

VSI – who also own the rights in over 300 sports videos and DVDs – are now preparing to stream content including Premiership football and other material from their archives on their sports site

John Gubba, Owner of the VSI network, which also broadcasts content online on Blinkx and on mobile via Yamgo, said: “Streaming is the future for much of our content. And Pay Per View is an interesting option.

“DVD sales are declining. Blu-ray has failed to deliver. And as a publisher this gives us an alternative to producing content for the traditional broadcast market.

“Instead of going with iTunes who have concentrated on doing deals with the big players we are delighted to be streaming our content with DynamoPlayer and Distrify.

“The video quality is excellentand the delivery process is simple enoughfor anyone to complete in the minimum amounts of clicks.”

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