The #ITFC Download To Own banner designed by Corinne Gubba is now on display in the Ipswich Town football club shop on Portman Road.


Ipswich Town Download To Own banner

Passport To Success – Thames Valley Business Advisors

Filmed, produced, directed, narrated & edited by John Gubba

passporttosuccessIntroduced by Peter Smith, here is Thames Valley Business Advisors’ Passport To Success seminar presented by marketing expert Stephen Hill, who says “Your pipeline is your lifeline.”

VSI TV develops a smart phone app for sports division visionsport TV

mobile app

visionsport.TV is an action-packed community that brings you all the best bits from our unique collection of classic football archive, a thriving social network and one of the most dynamic independent sports blogs around.

With an extensive back catalogue of video content in our library, we will always be adding something new to view. Nostalgia is what we do best and we are constantly publishing clips on our online channels that feed straight into this exclusive app.

Bringing you football’s finest, we’ve got goals galore with a feast of memorable strikes featuring some of the world’s most famous players from the end of the 20th century . . . from David Beckham, Alan Shearer, Ian Wright and Matt Le Tissier to Ian Rush, Dennis Bergkamp, Les Ferdinand, Eric Cantona and a whole lot more.

And it’s not just the biggest clubs from the Premier and Football League. We’ve got highlights from across the board. Not to mention great features, exclusive interviews and rare footage that you will only find on So download the app and stay in touch every day.

Football is our No.1. But we’re equally committed to keeping you informed and entertained with news and views from the biggest talking points in world sport, via Facebook, Twitter and our hugely popular blog.

Sportswatch – hosted by writer and broadcaster John Gubba – is no ordinary blog. It’s a sporting soapbox packed with outspoken comment, revealing insight and links to some of the best videos on YouTube, visionsport.TV and other well-known sites.

Once you have downloaded the free app, you will be kept updated with all special offers and discounts offered by visionsport.TV. And with over 300 sports videos and DVDs in our catalogue, and hundreds of hours of content being made available for streaming, it makes sense to be part of the crowd. As well as football, rare and exclusive content in our video archives include rugby, tennis, karate, motor racing and fitness training with former Olympic champion Linford Christie and ex-world record holder Colin Jackson.

Scan to get the visionsport TV App!

Scan to get the visionsport TV App!

We have been producing documentaries, videos and DVDs for more than 20 years and we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in sport. But we never get tired of hearing from you the fans. So let us know what you think by joining our social network and be a part of visionsport.TV’s winning community.

Space Storage Platform brings simplicity and Class Leading Performance To Central Storage

The Performance of the Space Range is second to none

GB Labs has single-handedly developed a unique platform that tackles the shortcomings of traditional storage area networks. Space has been tested within the most demanding environments and has gleaned critical acclaim for speed and ease of use.

The interface is very easy to use and administer, in fact a complete SAN can be installed in under an hour, impressive considering most fibre SANs can take days! This means a significant reduction in down time during installation or indeed when it comes to expansion at a later date. It also allows our customers to be virtually IT support free compared to the high support levels that a Fibre Channel SAN requires.

The Space Family is available from the ultra portable Mini Space to the full-fat Space cluster, offering you the perfect solution whether you are in Post Production, Broadcasting, Education, Medical Research or even Government and Military. If you need to edit video and are looking for virtually unlimited capacity with built in expansion and extensive warranty options, then Space really should be your only option.

The Performance of the Space Range is second to none, and with the Space and Mini Space products now available with SSDs performance is Better than Ever.

I spoke to John Gubba, VSIs founder and managing director, and asked John the background to his decision to purchase a “Space” solution.

The Space Family is available from the ultra portable Mini Space to the full-fat Space cluster

John told me that he had twenty years worth of archive on tape which were meticulously documented and stored, however, the time spent finding clips and then digitising were causing headaches and wasting far too much time. “We needed” said John, “a stable high-speed archive system which would allow us to react instantly to our clients wishes”.

I asked John how he had researched his needs and who he had spoken to about his proposed solution. “It was easy” said John “I just went to Video Rescue, told them what I hoped would be possible to achieve and left it with them. They came up with a Space archive/editing solution linked in with my XSan and Final Cut Pro suites. The huge 32TB Space solution was integrated with the Cat DV asset manager, which has given me a system that is light-years ahead of what I had before and has given me a solution that enables instant delivery of clips to my customers”.