Lisa Akesson

Empowering Women Communicators

Filmed, produced, directed, narrated & edited by John Gubba

lisa akesson

Excellent day filming with Voice & Presentation Expert Lisa Akesson.

Lisa is a dynamic, experienced and innovative voice and communication skills trainer who inspires, empowers and enables individuals to deliver their message with confidence, impact and power.


Passport To Success – Thames Valley Business Advisors

Filmed, produced, directed, narrated & edited by John Gubba

passporttosuccessIntroduced by Peter Smith, here is Thames Valley Business Advisors’ Passport To Success seminar presented by marketing expert Stephen Hill, who says “Your pipeline is your lifeline.”

Serum 8 – Instructional Video with Niels Bukh

Instructional video with Niels Bukh filmed in Denmark for Serum 8 to be shown to clinics. With its unique skin-stimulating and nourishing effect, Serum8 is suitable for all ages.

Serum8 is excellent for both prevention and treatment of wrinkles, and it works on scars, stretch marks and sun damage, wherever the skin needs reinforcement; it is also extremely efficient for impure skin.

Filmed, produced, directed, narrated & edited by John Gubba

HairByHair – presented by Klaus Mathiesen at Helios Clinic

A VSI TV production for HairByHair – the FUE hair transplant clinic in Copenhagen, Denmark. Former international soccer star Klaus Mathiesen invites you for a HairByHair treatment at the Helios Clinic. Denmark’s leading clinic boasts the services of world renowned surgeon Chronis Minogiannis, arguably the best hair transplant doctor on the planet.

This video, including the music and graphics, is the copyright of VSI Enterprises Limited. All rights reserved. 2013. Producer-Director: John Gubba

Also a Danish version was filmed.

‘Paddy 50 Years’ – which premieres on Manchester United’s TV Channel MUTV this weekend – is the latest blockbuster created by VSI TV’s top talent.

Paddy Crerand

Produced, directed and scripted by our visionsport.TV supremo John Gubba, it is a feature length documentary tribute to Paddy Crerand, who was signed from Celtic on 6 February, 1963.

“Making the film was an emotional roller coaster, just like the documentary itself which has tragedy and triumph,” concluded our proud PD.

1963 Noreen_paddyLast minute super sub was Corinne Gubba who came to the rescue with her outstanding photoshop skills when MUTV were caught short in the graphics department.

Nice one CG!

Paddy: 50 Years” premieres exclusively this weekend on MUTV.

Watch primetime at 9pm on Sunday, February 3, or catch one of the repeat showings. You can sign up for MUTV at or call 08708 486888

Space Storage Platform brings simplicity and Class Leading Performance To Central Storage

The Performance of the Space Range is second to none

GB Labs has single-handedly developed a unique platform that tackles the shortcomings of traditional storage area networks. Space has been tested within the most demanding environments and has gleaned critical acclaim for speed and ease of use.

The interface is very easy to use and administer, in fact a complete SAN can be installed in under an hour, impressive considering most fibre SANs can take days! This means a significant reduction in down time during installation or indeed when it comes to expansion at a later date. It also allows our customers to be virtually IT support free compared to the high support levels that a Fibre Channel SAN requires.

The Space Family is available from the ultra portable Mini Space to the full-fat Space cluster, offering you the perfect solution whether you are in Post Production, Broadcasting, Education, Medical Research or even Government and Military. If you need to edit video and are looking for virtually unlimited capacity with built in expansion and extensive warranty options, then Space really should be your only option.

The Performance of the Space Range is second to none, and with the Space and Mini Space products now available with SSDs performance is Better than Ever.

I spoke to John Gubba, VSIs founder and managing director, and asked John the background to his decision to purchase a “Space” solution.

The Space Family is available from the ultra portable Mini Space to the full-fat Space cluster

John told me that he had twenty years worth of archive on tape which were meticulously documented and stored, however, the time spent finding clips and then digitising were causing headaches and wasting far too much time. “We needed” said John, “a stable high-speed archive system which would allow us to react instantly to our clients wishes”.

I asked John how he had researched his needs and who he had spoken to about his proposed solution. “It was easy” said John “I just went to Video Rescue, told them what I hoped would be possible to achieve and left it with them. They came up with a Space archive/editing solution linked in with my XSan and Final Cut Pro suites. The huge 32TB Space solution was integrated with the Cat DV asset manager, which has given me a system that is light-years ahead of what I had before and has given me a solution that enables instant delivery of clips to my customers”.