Bald Truth Documentary Tackles Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant

Strip surgeryThe producers of a new documentary about hair transplants are seeking crowdfunding to raise the budget to complete the initial release of the film.

Find out the truth about hair transplants and why the traditional strip replacement surgery endured by the rich and famous for so many years is now considered a “barbaric procedure” that some experts believe should be banned!

The producers of this revealing documentary believe there is such a popular interest in the subject of hair loss that they are asking viewers and private investors to fund the making of the programme via American crowdfunding website indiegogo.

In this documentary, the director – a former TV sports reporter – will uncover the secrecy that has made it difficult to find out the truth about hair replacement techniques. He will provide a revealing insight into the latest procedure that enables individual hairs to be transplanted non-invasively to create a natural result every time. And he will compare this with the many other options available, including the horror stories that have left patients scarred for life.

Bald Truth

Two years ago, with the prospect of baldness looming large, documentary film-maker Gubba decided the best way to explore this secret world was to consider the options and experience a hair transplant. So he set out on a journey to get back to his roots and take the appropriate action to turn back the clock. We’ll be meeting patients of all ages from around the world who have had hair transplants and find out what they think of their treatment. We were given unrestricted access to film real hair transplants and you will see exactly what is involved – including Gubba’s own surgery, when he put myself on the operating table and experienced the latest technique that only a few weeks ago was tried out by England’s superstar footballer Wayne Rooney.

Women Hair Transplant


Hair loss is a condition that affects 50 percent of the world’s population. And we’re not just talking about men! It is estimated that 1 in 5 women suffer some form of hair loss.

But many men and women are putting themselves through unnecessary pain and disappointment, while others are suffering permanent scarring because they have been ill-informed and have not been able to find honest, impartial testimonies from real people who have experienced hair transplants.

It is easy for clinics to blind patients with science and show them misleading before and after photographs without explaining the full facts and enabling them to meet real-life cases studies.

For example, many experts believe the old-fashioned strip replacement technique is a barbaric procedure that should be outlawed. But there are still many doctors performing this technique because they lack the skills and training to adopt the new advances in hair transplants.

A John Gubba film produced by VSI Enterprises.

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